Critic’s Choice

Wed Feb 12, 2020 at 12:36 pm
By Edward Reichel
Photo: Beau Pearson

Giselle has proved to be one of the most popular ballets ever written. With a mellifluous score by Adolphe Adam and a plot that is at once a love story and a ghost story it’s easy to understand why the ballet has been an audience favorite ever since its premiere in Paris in 1841.

For decades the work has been a staple in Ballet West’s repertoire and the company is currently performing Giselle in the Capitol Theatre. For this production artistic director Adam Sklute and music director Jared Oaks have taken a critical look at the work and artfully reconceived it with an eye to making it more attractive for modern audiences.  

Giselle runs through February 15 at the Capitol Theatre.; 801-355-2787.

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